Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mom to a 5 MONTH OLD!!!

Easton turns 5 months old today. He was squirming all around when I tried to get a few pics of him sporting his 5 month sticker. The squirming thing- that's quite new. I mean, he's always shimmied and jived a bit- but squirming with all his might- shaking around like he's a little baby Elvis, that my friends is new. He is definitely going to keep his mama's hands full from now on- and if he is anything like me, he'll be singing and dancing show tunes (preferably made-up show tunes) by the time he's able to crawl.

I love to sing to my baby. I sing made up songs, current hits, and baby lullabys. I sing while I'm cooking dinner (usually theatrically identifying each ingredient I'm adding at the time), and while I'm changing his dipe. I sing while I drive, while we cuddle in the morning, and of course....I sing a goodnight song that goes something like this- "goodnight sweetheart, well it's time to gooooo...goodnight sweetheart, well it's time to goooooo, I really hate to leave you but I really must say, goodnight sweetheart, GOODNIGHT." 

Easton is doing wonderfully at all he does. He is working so hard at rolling over- he's almost there, but not quite. He has officially found his little thumb, and usually bites down on it rather than sucks it- but sometimes when I put him down in his crib for sleep- he begins to softly suck that thumb. Maybe I shouldn't love it...but I DO. I think it's so presh, 

Easton absolutely LOVES Molly, our pug. He can't get enough of her. He grabs her hair and skin while she sits next to him and she takes it- even when I know he is tugging really hard (honestly, he grabs my skin and pulls with all his might and it freakin HURTS) Our little Molly loves him back, and licks his face, ears, and neck folds for what seems like hours. He isn't just interested in Molly, Easton has also started to take a little interest in my food. This usually means that it's time to start thinking about feeding him solids. I'm totally obsessed with nursing, however, and I think I will cry the minute that I'm not his only source of nutrition- weird, I know, but that's my truth.  We have decided to wait until 6 months to do the "solid thing", which is what the doc recommends anyway. 

The absolute coolest thing we witnessed in month 5- LAUGHING OUT LOUD! Tony and I heard it at the same time, looked up at one another and exclaimed, "did he just laugh out-loud?!?!?" Well, he did. And I made him do it five more times that night. Honestly, it was such a beautiful sound that I cried. It's like, I had been waiting my whole life to hear that sound, and I didn't even know it. Amazing. 

In month five we haven't seen too many NEW developments, he has just been sharpening and perfecting the ones from months 1-4. He is much more observant than his previous months, and has really begun to control his body with greater strength and ease. 

It's been a good month. And it's going by fast. Too fast, if you ask me.

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