Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy and Content...

Tony and I are not huge fans of buying loads of baby stuff. It's easy to fall into the trap- stores like Buy Buy Baby and Babies-R-Us make you feel like you need EVERYTHING to be a good parent or to make your babe happy. But the Frascones are sort of on the minimalist side of baby supplies. We do have a few things for the little guy, but not too much... I worry a bit about over-stimulation. Also, I feel that people, kids, and now babies have far more than they ever really need or have time to use. I am trying to teach Easton, early on, that "stuff" will not make him happy. I want to teach him that contentment comes from the inside, not from what he owns. It's this lesson, that I continue to work on, myself.

Since we only have a handful of baby toys, it's been really easy to spot his favorites. He likes two different noises best: crinkly bag sound (think a plastic shopping bag), and squeak noises. He has an organic (yes, organic) giraffe that Tony named Carlos- Carlos hangs from his car-seat and squeaks when I squeeze it for him. He flips for Carlos.

But the toy that Easton loves best makes his favorite crinkly sound and is in the shape of a book. He takes this "book" everywhere- he plays with it all day long.

Since he loves the "book" so much, I wanted to buy him another one.  While we were at Buy Buy Baby, Tony stopped me before I got to the checkout with a similar toy in hand. He asked why I wanted to buy it when Easton already HAD one that he liked. It was a total reality check. It's like, if he has one- why does he need another one? He doesn't. If we want to keep Easton content with the things he has, we can't buy new stuff for him all the time. Lesson learned. Thanks, Tony!

The point of my post is little guy is thriving-  not because of the stuff he has, or the toys he likes to play with. He thrives because of the love, nourishment, and affection he gets. That, my friends...that, you can't buy in a stinkin store. (well, unless you use formula...) LOL.

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