Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby "Must-Haves" Guide

I have like a million friends that are pregnant right now. Some are vetran moms, but a few are first timers. I totally know the feeling of complete confusion and overwhelm-ness (not a word but I like it) over what the heck to buy/register for. There are so many gadgets and gismos at every baby store you walk into- and you feel like each item makes SOOOO much sense, that you must need it for your bundle of joy. Not the case, however.

I have put together a not-so-long list of my "baby must-haves," Enjoy!

Baby Must-Haves Guide
1. Boppy Pillow
2. 2 Boppy Pillow slip-covers
3. Pump (I rented a pump from the hospital for the first 3 mo- I still haven't purchased a pump, but if your a working mom- you need to buy a good quality one)
4. 1-2 4-8oz bottles (We rarely use a bottle, but when we do we bought Dr. Browns these bottle help if the baby has gas, re-flux, or colic)
5. Nursing pads- they have these in reusable and disposable
6. Baby-Food Maker: We have the BEABA, it's so pretty- but a blender or food processor is sufficient (and pretty much the same thing :)
7. High Chair: (this is something you don't need right away, so don't trip if you have to buy it after babe comes)
8. Baby food freezing tray- this one is what we will use, it's by a family company that makes stainless steel serving-ware (we want to avoid plastic even BPA free) you can buy ONYX here!
9. Baby plates and utensils will also be purchased from ONYX

1. Infant bath
2. Summer Infant bath sponge, this is what the baby rests on in the bath
3. 1 rubber duckie, you can even buy one that tells you if the bath water is too hot :)
4. 2-3 towels, Easton's favorites are these!
5. 4-6 wash clothes, we have a few from Pottery Barn Kids and these organic washcloths from Buy Buy Baby
6. Lotion, Body Wash, and Shampoo- we use Noodle & Boo, exclusively and LOVE IT!

1. Baby Carrier, we got ours from a friend (thank you Jamie) and love it! We have the Baby BJORN
2. Jogging Stroller- we don't have one yet, but I intend on buying it from someone on Craigslist :)
3. Stroller (our stroller has a bassinet on it- so we used the bassinet as his crib in our room until he switched to the nursery- our stroller is the Bugaboo Cameleon, all black edition)

1. Crib: we purchased a beautiful crib on Craigslist! This is the model Pali crib we bought- it was less than a year old and we bought it for $350 with the mattress- Craigslist doesn't have to be grimy, ya'll!
2. Dresser
3. Changing pad to put on the dresser and two covers to wash weekly, these covers are our favorites
4. Two-three fitted crib sheets, we registered for our organic sheets at Pottery Barn Kids
5. Swaddle blankets by Aden + Anais, these are great for swaddling little babes- but you'll find lots of uses for them after your babe is too big to swaddle
6. The Miracle Blanket, it's amazing and it totally helps to keep ma babe swaddled now that he is older and stronger

*we use cloth diapers, so I will recommend what we use :)
1. Bum Genius (with snap closure) Organic and Regular
2. Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer, self explanatory :)
3. 1-2 wet bags, to put in the dirty dipes (we have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs)
4. Bummies Wet Bag, to hold dirty dipes when your on the go
5. Diaper liners- help to keep the dipe a little less messy and they are compostable, get them here!

1. Swing (I would wait and test one out on your baby before you buy one, you just never know if your babe will like to swing or not)
2. Bouncy Chair: Easton sits in this one!
3. Boppy Play Gym; I can not RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH!! Easton has spent HOURS laying under this thing- we don't put the batteries in it....
4. One or two wooden rattles, we love Haba and this one is Easton's favorite
5. Motion Activity Jumper; Easton uses this more and more every day- I wasn't too sure about having it at first- but he loves it. I just don't put the batteries in...

*I recommend not going to crazy on clothes- everyone buys them for you, you may get hand-me-downs, and'll put your baby in your favorite outfits and forget the other ones.
1. 3-4 (0-6mo) Sleep Sacks; Easton wears these every night!
2. Socks
3. 6 snap tee-shirts (newborn size)
4. Jammies with feet
5. Onesies
6. pants :)

1. Audio monitor- **we don't have one yet, we can here him when he cries. I'm just going to let you know my opinion on video monitors....I don't think they are necessary at all. If anything, I think it's very important for a baby to learn how to sleep through a parent walking in to check on him or her. If you have to go into your child's room for any reason and they aren't used to'll have a cranky and awake baby on your hands. I check on Easton and he sleeps through it, the END.

I will add more if I think of anything else I use and LOVE. I was very lucky, because I got loads of home-made lovelies from my sister- everything from baby bibs to play mats. I also got some fabulous hand-me-downs. If you have a baby, what's your favorite gear???

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Tessa D'Angelo said...

Rebecca this is an amazing list! I know it's an old blog post but I just saw that you're blogging and IMMEDIATLY went to your baby posts so I can have tons of tips and tricks from other moms! I'll be sure to follow your blog! Come by mine and let me know how you think I'm doing and I am open to any kind of advice or tips you may have learned through your experiences!

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