Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tea Party Tuesdays!!

My friend Kim and I started "Tea Party Tuesday" in order to celebrate how fabulous we are. Kim and I happen to be the most sophisticated, fancy, and elegant people I know- and what better way to celebrate our fanciness than to throw ourselves monthly tea parties. We eat yummy "tea" snacks, gossip, and of course...drink tea. Last night was especially exceptional because I was able to leave Easton with Tony and have a baby-free evening with Kim at her house. Next month it will be back at mine, and hopefully Easton will stay put- in daddy's arms.

  "Just brewin tea in ma tea-pot"- Kim
          Yummy tea sady's...cucumber and cream cheese. DELISH!
            Kim and Rebecca: fancy and fabulous.
                    How cool is this tea cup?? It makes tea into a heart!

On another note, last night was the very first "I WANT MOMMY" tantrum from Easton. At least, it was the first time we recognized that that was the (obvious) reason behind his upset. Here is the scenario: I walked in the house, said hello to my happy baby who was playing with daddy on his play mat. Then, I said, "while he's happy, I'm just going to hop in the shower." As soon as I walked out of the room Easton started wailing, and didn't stop until I got out of the shower, dressed and took him from Tone. As soon as he got in my arms...he was fine. WOW, who knew that babes show that kind of emotion over missing mommy, so soon? . I have to admit, I was almost pleased with how severely Easton  wanted me. The fact that he wanted ME... little old me, to sooth him- well, I was honored, touched, and proud to be a mama at that moment. Now....don't get me wrong. I can foresee that this type of demonstration might get old quite quickly and sooner, rather then later. For now, however, I'm going to enjoy my mama's boy.

Kim puts on a pretty fabulous 

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