Monday, January 2, 2012

A Royal Baptism...well, sort of.

Baby Easton will be baptized this Sunday, and we are so excited. Like most events in my life, the inevitable question is "but what will I wear?" Of course this day is not about me. It's about the commitment that Tony and I, along with the God-Parents- make to raise Easton in a Christ-centered home. It's about the powerful love of God, which restores us sinners and washes away sin. I love the idea/tradition/symbolism behind baptism.

With all that said, I have to make it a little bit about me. I am after all, the mother of this beautiful baby boy. I need to look regal, dignified, and entirely English. So...I did what any English, Episcopalian Princess would do. I googled Princess Di.

These are some of the fabulous photos of the baptism of Prince William and Prince Henry. May I also point out the gown that both boys are wearing... this is a traditional baptismal gown (which I wore as a baby of course) and one that my "manly" husband refused to allow Easton to wear...stating that "no son of mine will be wearing a GOWN of any sort." Boo hoooooo. I really loved the idea of Easton in one of these gowns. We did, however grab a fabulous baptismal outfit at Nordstrom- it is all kinds of fancy. :)

I'm still not totally sure about what I will wear, but a headpiece or hat of some kind is absolutely necessary, and a trip to Valley Fair is planned for Wednesday. I must find a dress that will be as equally fancy as Easton's outfit...
                                                    Prince Henry's Baptism

                                                              Prince William of Denmark

                                                   Prince Charles,Princess Diana, and Prince William

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