Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bridesmaid for Kathy!!

My friend Kathy is getting married in July and I have the absolute honor of being a bridesmaid in her wedding. It is going to be a fantastic affair, one for the record books. I want to be a great bridesmaid. You, know...get the job DID. I have some ideas of what I want to do to make her BRIDE experience super fun and special. Of course, I can't say them on this blog....she needs to be surprised and Kathy happens to be an avid reader of my blogs. All this bridesmaid thinking has me questioning...what are the real, traditional deeds that bridesmaids are called to do? In other words, what are ma DUTIES, yo??

In order to be the best bridesmaid I can be, I have to first start with a list of the absolutes. You know, the "you better do these bare minimum responsibilities or else your the worst bridesmaid in the world," kind of a list. After all the "required" bridesmaid duties are known and under control- that is when the fun begins. I can use my imagination and put together some more fun things...just to make my Kathy happy.

Here is the list I have put together, based on my EXTENSIVE research.

*Offer to help with any pre-wedding tasks
*Help with looking for bridesmaid's dresses, shoes, and accessories.
*Go with the bride to dress fittings and any alteration appointments (if she wants you there)
*Help to plan, co-host, and pay for the bridal shower with the other bridesmaids
*Keep a record of gifts the bride receives at her shower and wedding, for the purpose of thank-you notes
*Maintain RSVP lists
*Help to plan bachelorette party/ies
*Attend as many wedding functions as possible, most importantly the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and (obviously), the wedding
*Run last minute errands on the day of the wedding, and be available to meet with the florists, wedding coordinator, officiant, etc. on the brides behalf.
*Help with hosting at the wedding by showing guest where the bar is, encouraging guests to sign the guest list, and introducing guests
*Start to boogy as soon as you hear music! Your job is to help get the party started!
*Give the maid of honor a break by helping to carry or keep track of the bride's bouquet, money purse, veil, etc.
*Buy a wedding gift
*****the most important of them all: BE A TROOPER NO MATTER WHAT!

What did you do for your bride when you were a bridesmaid? What were the little extras that you did to make your friend's Bride experience even more fabulous?? 

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KathyAlsup said...

I'll add one...nip any bride melt-downs in the bud =)

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