Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hug It Out

   Hug Sign: Image via The Chive

Today has been a rough day. Easton is still sick- which is totally heartbreaking, as there is just nothing to be done but wait until the cold passes. Also, I had  a not so happy phone conversation, which brought out all of my insecurities and brought on my defenses. It was one of those conversations that leaves me wondering, "why do I even communicate with this person any more?" This icky feeling of sadness has been following me around since I ended that call. I'm left feeling like, well, I need a hug. I called my friend Allison, and she gave me the phone version of a hug. Easton is a baby, and will hug me back whether he wants to or not, but what I could really use right about now is a real- adult style bear hug. You know, the kind of hug that makes you almost lose your breath because the squeeze is so tight. The, "I'm not going to let you go until you feel better, even if it takes 15 minutes!!!" kind of a hug. 

Since I don't have anyone to hug right now....I found some pics of HUGS that made me smile, if only for a little bit. 

 Little Girl Hugging Elephant: Image via Patterson Maker

 Dog Hug: Image via  themessesofmen.tumblr.com

Kiddie Hug: Image via weheartit.com

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