Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easton's Baptism

Easton was baptized on January 8th, Epiphany Sunday (Epiphany is the Sunday that celebrates Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist). It was an amazing day, spent with family and friends- and was incredibly special to stand in front of the church and make a commitment to raise our son in the Christian faith. Teaching a child about God starts early. And we, his parents and God-parents, have made a commitment to not only teach Easton about God but actively teach him.

I know that an infant can not fully grasp the concept of the Holy Trinity (it's hard for some adults, for goodness sake). But Easton has been, and will continue to be exposed to his parents' relationship with Christ- and hopefully one day, that will translate into his own desire to follow in Christ's footsteps. 

Showing Easton exactly what a relationship with God looks like, starts with little things. It's including "God" in our daily vocabulary. Saying, "God bless you," when someone (including Easton) sneezes, and reading children's bible stories before bedtime.  Exposing him to God is praying before every meal, out-loud and without distraction. It's bringing Easton to church. It's surrounding him with people who not only love him, but who love humanity and treat others with kindness. It's exhibiting, that God loves all people. It's teaching Easton about Jesus' compassion, empathy, and love for those who have lost their way or those who are different from us.

Tony and I have a chance to raise our child to be a strong, confident, and compassionate man of God. What better way to start off his journey than to baptize him in front of those very people who have been a part of mine and Tony's own Christian journey?

                                         Kathy Middleton and Easton.

                             Great Grandma Hazel and Easton

By the way...more pictures will follow shortly!!

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