Sunday, January 1, 2012

Africa- A Dream Journey

I'm not much of a nature girl. I don't like dirt, pollen, plants, or sand. I don't even walk through grass if I have the choice to go around. I do however, LOVE animals. I am that type of animal lover that laughs at talking animal commercials. I'm mesmerized while watching Planet Earth, and I cry- (weep, really) at the soppy animal-inspired movie commercials.

For most animal lovers, Africa is a dream vacation. I am no exception. I would do almost anything to go to Africa. It has the best animals- Hippos, being my favorite. Tony is not an "Africa" type of guy. He has absolutely NO desire to go, so I'm banking on my sister to be my travel companion. Zero travel arrangements have been made- and realistically I probably won't be going for quite some time.  But I WILL get there. And when I do, it will be incredible.

Where is your dream vacation spot? 


Jamie said...

I've always wanted to do a safari tour in Africa. I can't imagine anything more breathtaking, truly. I didn't know we shared this dream, dear friend :)

And, as cliche as it sounds I dream of Italy. The food and romance and culture all lure me in. Someday, someday.

GranMaCta said...

I too dream of Africa Rebecca. My hopes are to join the Peace Corps and spend some time there actually living the life. My friend Spring was in the PC and went to Zambia. She tells me about her adventure all the time. And yes, the Peace Corps does take seniors.... I've already checked it out.

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