Friday, December 23, 2011

Family /Va-Kay'/

Tony, Easton, and I had a fun little va-kay in beautiful Lake Tahoe. We had a fabulous condo, where we literally sat around all day- watching movies, napping, cooking, and we got a few work outs in at the gym. Tony and Easton did a tad bit more than I did, by walking into the "village" where they went in a few shops and drank cappuccino from Starbucks. We eventually got our little behinds out of the condo, and went to see Emerald Bay- but it was so cold that we were only out of our car long enough to snap three pictures. Tony and I needed some quality time away, and we had a fabulous time. The end of the trip was a little rough, as I woke up with, what I can only imagine was a 24 hour flu. I'm still recovering.

Here are a few pics from our petit get-away

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