Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My baby's bottom...

This is a blog about my baby's bottom...well, at least, what goes on my baby's bottom. I am so happy that Easton is finally big enough to wear his cloth diapers. We have always planned on using cloth diapers, you know- it being better for the environment and all...and for a long time we were planning on using a diaper service. In an effort to save money and save the environment (well...HELP save the environment) we decided to go with BumGenius diapers. They are easy to use (they have to be laundered at home) and if we use them pretty much exclusively for Easton's entire diapering career, we'll save a bundle of money (in the thousands). The greatest thing about cloth diapering, however, is the "feel good" feeling we get by not contributing thousands of diapers to our city dump.

Also, Tony and I noticed almost immideatley that Easton's booty was not nearly as red and irritated once we made the switch from newborn disposables to his BumGenius dipes. There are loads of chemicals that make it possible for those disposable diapers to soak in so much pee- and all those chemicals touch my baby's baby soft bottom- that can't be good....at the very least, it can't be ideal.

We have 14 BumGenius diapers. The inserts are loaded into the diapers (by me) after each wash. I place the clean diapers neatly in the designated diaper drawer...and they are used! Easy as pie...well, almost. When the diaper is dirty I spray off the small amount of poop (they get bigger over time, I hear...oh, boy!), take the insert out, and place both the insert and the cover in a smell proof bag. Once I have only 3-4 clean diapers left, I do laundry. The covers have to be lined dried- so I put those on a drying rack in the sun (which is always ideal because the sun disinfects the diapers). On cold/rainy days I put them in the bathroom on the drying rack to maximize the heater vent that makes the bathroom nice and toasty :). I have three BumGenius organic diapers, and those can go in the dryer along with all of the inserts- so the organic dipes and inserts are dry right away! (I use Charlies soap on the diapers, which I buy on Amazon.)

The longer I use these diapers, the easier this process gets. I end up washing the diapers every day to day and a half. We use these at home and sometimes when I'm out. I just take a plastic bag to keep the soiled diaper in my diaper bag. But usually when I'm out, I supplement with a disposable. He ends up wearing one (or less) disposable diaper a day. Not bad, I say.

The end.

Just a side note: there are environmental costs that go with cloth diapering too- water use, production of the diapers themselves, pesticides used on the non-organic diapers....I just felt that waste was a environmental cost that I was not willing to make in this area. I am no Mother-Theresa. :)

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Heather said...

This is so impressive Rebecca! A lot of people wouldn't be willing to go through the extra effort, but it sounds like it's totally worth it (just the $$ savings alone is worth it, not to mention the other benefits!) Nice work mama!

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