Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide

I have always wanted to write a blog on gift ideas. I see "Holiday Gift Guides" in mags, and I think, I too, have the talent to spot fabulous trinkets and bobbles that would make anyone do a happy dance over getting. My talent at spotting good sh*t is being especially polished right now, as I tend to online "browse" and bring my new babe to the mall on a regular basis (Nordstrom has a fabulous "Mother's Room" where I am comfortable feeding my lil man.) So here I am, a talented shopper with a small budget. I need to use my gift for good, not evil. And by evil, I mean, spending all of my husband's hard earned money while he is away at work and I'm supposed to be taking care of our tiny child.

I am committing to make a gift guide once a week until Christmas. I hope my you, my readers get some good ideas from me! Even if you don't...I think ya'll might enjoy seeing products that I love!

I will include links, photos, and/or "where to find" for every product that I highlight.

happy shopping....

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