Saturday, November 12, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...Just so there's no confusion.

Here is my attempt at giving my husband (and family, and friends) a subtle "hint" about what I want for Christmas this year. I love being suprised, I also like getting stuff I WANT. So, I've created a rather long list of items...I'll be suprised because I can't possibly get ALL of them. I wonder which ones I'll receive....

Also, I thought it would be fun for all my "readers" to see the type of gizmos and gadgets I like.

2. Purology Shampoo and Conditioner. I always need a good color saving shampoo. It's expensive so I don't love to buy it but love to get it under the tree. Purology is my favorite!

3. Elsa Peretti, Color by the Yard: Bracelet. This can be found at Tiffany and Co. I covet this bracelet. The end.

4. Puma: Prima Ballerina shoes. I think these look so comfortable. Perfect for running errands with my little guy! Comfortable, yet stylish. LOVE! (I want them in black or red...your choice :)

5. Hanky Panky undies. You can find them at a discount at Off Fifth and Last Call: Neiman Marcus at the Great Mall. They are one-size fits all undies and they are my favorite! No Christmas stocking is complete without a good pair of panties :)

6. Flat bottomed wooden spoon for cooking. Sur La Table or any specialty cooking store would have this bad boy.

7. Simple gold necklace. I really love gold necklaces, and I want to have a new "everyday" necklace. I really like horse shoes, anchors, and wings. My favorite can be found at

8. New and exciting Salts! I am experimenting with different types of salt while cooking. Salt can really make or break a dish! Also available at WS.

9. Hana Mori Perfume. I have worn this perfume ever since I discovered it when living in New York. That means that I have been wearing it 9 whole years! I love it, it's my signiture sent, and I'm out of it. MORE PLEASE. Available at Nordstrom or Sephora.

10. Rain boots. Preferably Burberry rain boots, but Hunter boots will do. These can be found at Nordstrom.

11. There are these really cute bracelets that are perfect for layering at Nordstrom. I want one silver and one gold, with an "A" and an "E," to represent my two favorite boys!

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