Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mom to a newborn: 2 months old!

These past two months have been pretty fabulous. Tony and I are getting to know our little guy, and adjusting to life as parents. Parenthood is absolutely a joy- I suppose it helps that our baby can't talk back or run away from us, yet. Easton is growing bigger everyday, I even packed up all of his newborn clothes today.

I have learned a few fabulous things about being a mom in these past two months...

1. Every time my babe sleeps longer than 2 hours at a time, I chalk it up as a happy "fluke." It's extremely disappointing to expect longer sleep and not get it.
2. When Easton cries uncontrolably in the car, all I have to do is put my finger in the palm of his hand and he stops. It brings tears to my eyes every time I do it.
3. Dressing rooms are fabulous places to feed my little guy.
4. Easton is the sweetest, cutest, most lovable baby in the morning. I believe that he behaves so wonderfully as an act of apology for the middle of the night screams.
5. The car seat is the only place that Easton gets sufficient sleep. So we have started to sleep him in his seat at night- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

6. The doctor said that he has "classic" colic and "classic" acid re-flux. But, he'll grow out of it.
7. The term, "I think it's a phase" instantly makes me feel better. Even if I know the "phase" will probably last a long time.
8. Easton screams "uncontrollably" from 7:30-10pm (give or take), except when other people are around- then he's the perfect baby.
9. He loves to move. He falls asleep almost instantly when I start running or walking with him in the stroller.
10. Easton "coos" when we put him on his back- he talks to us and its the cutest thing in the world!
11. If Easton is crying/screaming and it won't stop- all Tony and I have to do is sing and he almost always stops (except between the hours of 7:30-10). I attribute this to all the singing I did while he was in my belly (Tony sang to my belly quite a bit, too). He especially likes the song "Without You" by lady gaga and "Someone Like You" by Adele :)
12. He looks just like Tony and just like me, all at the same time.
13. There is nothing more amazing than seeing the man you love in the baby you love.

The final thing that I have learned in these last two months...I don't have many pics with Easton, because I'm the one that is taking all the pictures! That, we'll have to remedy...won't we.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Family Photo Shoot: Just for fun!

A family friend hooked us up with a free photo shoot just in time for Easton's two month b-day. We plan on using some for a birth announcement- which I wanted to send out after he hit two months, so his face was a little chubbier and had more defined features! Here are some of our favorite shots from the shoot. Enjoy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: For the FOODIE in your life

1. Chambord Coffee Press, by Bodum 12 cup2. O Tannenbaum Apron, Anthropology
3. Ripple Porcelain Mugs, ABC Carpet and Home
4. Herbs Pots, makeinternational.com
Finishing Salts, Williams-Sonoma

1. Chambord Coffee Press by Bodum: for the coffee lovers in your life! With everything being instant and automatic these days, I think it's nice to have a classic Press for morning coffee- weekend mornings if the a.m. is to hectic for hand made coffee. **the coffee from a french press can not be matched. IT IS AMAZING.http://www.starbucksstore.com/Chambord-Coffee-Press-by-Bodum%C2%AE-12-cup/000247042,default,pd.html?start=12&cgid=coffee-presses

Ripple Porcelain Mugs: These mugs are georgeous and just different enough to excite anyone who receives them! ABC Carpet and Home, online, http://www.abchome.com/store/store/pc/ripple-porcelain-mugs-charcoal-244p9785.htm

Herbs Pots: Gift set of 4: I just love how unique and modern these little herb pots are. They are extremely useful and stylish...all at the same time! http://www.makeinternational.com/_-Herb_Pots-Set_of_4-Herbs-_/product/?pid=46820

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide- let me know if you end up getting anything as a result of this posting! I'd love to know if this was useful!


Holiday Gift Guide

I have always wanted to write a blog on gift ideas. I see "Holiday Gift Guides" in mags, and I think, I too, have the talent to spot fabulous trinkets and bobbles that would make anyone do a happy dance over getting. My talent at spotting good sh*t is being especially polished right now, as I tend to online "browse" and bring my new babe to the mall on a regular basis (Nordstrom has a fabulous "Mother's Room" where I am comfortable feeding my lil man.) So here I am, a talented shopper with a small budget. I need to use my gift for good, not evil. And by evil, I mean, spending all of my husband's hard earned money while he is away at work and I'm supposed to be taking care of our tiny child.

I am committing to make a gift guide once a week until Christmas. I hope my you, my readers get some good ideas from me! Even if you don't...I think ya'll might enjoy seeing products that I love!

I will include links, photos, and/or "where to find" for every product that I highlight.

happy shopping....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...Just so there's no confusion.

Here is my attempt at giving my husband (and family, and friends) a subtle "hint" about what I want for Christmas this year. I love being suprised, I also like getting stuff I WANT. So, I've created a rather long list of items...I'll be suprised because I can't possibly get ALL of them. I wonder which ones I'll receive....

Also, I thought it would be fun for all my "readers" to see the type of gizmos and gadgets I like.

2. Purology Shampoo and Conditioner. I always need a good color saving shampoo. It's expensive so I don't love to buy it but love to get it under the tree. Purology is my favorite!

3. Elsa Peretti, Color by the Yard: Bracelet. This can be found at Tiffany and Co. I covet this bracelet. The end.

4. Puma: Prima Ballerina shoes. I think these look so comfortable. Perfect for running errands with my little guy! Comfortable, yet stylish. LOVE! (I want them in black or red...your choice :)http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/puma-rhythm-shine-flat/3176413?origin=category&resultback=2040

5. Hanky Panky undies. You can find them at a discount at Off Fifth and Last Call: Neiman Marcus at the Great Mall. They are one-size fits all undies and they are my favorite! No Christmas stocking is complete without a good pair of panties :)

6. Flat bottomed wooden spoon for cooking. Sur La Table or any specialty cooking store would have this bad boy.

7. Simple gold necklace. I really love gold necklaces, and I want to have a new "everyday" necklace. I really like horse shoes, anchors, and wings. My favorite can be found athttp://www.minorobsessions.com/products/sailors-charms

8. New and exciting Salts! I am experimenting with different types of salt while cooking. Salt can really make or break a dish! Also available at WS.

9. Hana Mori Perfume. I have worn this perfume ever since I discovered it when living in New York. That means that I have been wearing it 9 whole years! I love it, it's my signiture sent, and I'm out of it. MORE PLEASE. Available at Nordstrom or Sephora.

10. Rain boots. Preferably Burberry rain boots, but Hunter boots will do. These can be found at Nordstrom.http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/burberry-check-print-rain-boot/3093392?origin=category&resultback=269

11. There are these really cute bracelets that are perfect for layering at Nordstrom. I want one silver and one gold, with an "A" and an "E," to represent my two favorite boys! http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/alex-and-ani-script-initial-bangle/3166494?origin=category&resultback=846

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My baby's bottom...

This is a blog about my baby's bottom...well, at least, what goes on my baby's bottom. I am so happy that Easton is finally big enough to wear his cloth diapers. We have always planned on using cloth diapers, you know- it being better for the environment and all...and for a long time we were planning on using a diaper service. In an effort to save money and save the environment (well...HELP save the environment) we decided to go with BumGenius diapers. They are easy to use (they have to be laundered at home) and if we use them pretty much exclusively for Easton's entire diapering career, we'll save a bundle of money (in the thousands). The greatest thing about cloth diapering, however, is the "feel good" feeling we get by not contributing thousands of diapers to our city dump.

Also, Tony and I noticed almost immideatley that Easton's booty was not nearly as red and irritated once we made the switch from newborn disposables to his BumGenius dipes. There are loads of chemicals that make it possible for those disposable diapers to soak in so much pee- and all those chemicals touch my baby's baby soft bottom- that can't be good....at the very least, it can't be ideal.

We have 14 BumGenius diapers. The inserts are loaded into the diapers (by me) after each wash. I place the clean diapers neatly in the designated diaper drawer...and they are used! Easy as pie...well, almost. When the diaper is dirty I spray off the small amount of poop (they get bigger over time, I hear...oh, boy!), take the insert out, and place both the insert and the cover in a smell proof bag. Once I have only 3-4 clean diapers left, I do laundry. The covers have to be lined dried- so I put those on a drying rack in the sun (which is always ideal because the sun disinfects the diapers). On cold/rainy days I put them in the bathroom on the drying rack to maximize the heater vent that makes the bathroom nice and toasty :). I have three BumGenius organic diapers, and those can go in the dryer along with all of the inserts- so the organic dipes and inserts are dry right away! (I use Charlies soap on the diapers, which I buy on Amazon.)

The longer I use these diapers, the easier this process gets. I end up washing the diapers every day to day and a half. We use these at home and sometimes when I'm out. I just take a plastic bag to keep the soiled diaper in my diaper bag. But usually when I'm out, I supplement with a disposable. He ends up wearing one (or less) disposable diaper a day. Not bad, I say.

The end.

Just a side note: there are environmental costs that go with cloth diapering too- water use, production of the diapers themselves, pesticides used on the non-organic diapers....I just felt that waste was a environmental cost that I was not willing to make in this area. I am no Mother-Theresa. :)

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