Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mom to a newborn: Weeks # 4 & 5

I am getting more and more comfortable in my mom heels, so to speak. I've been in awe of watching Easton develop everyday. In week's four and five I've seen huge leaps in his growth. He is not only bigger and longer (in week four he grew out of his preemie clothes), he stays awake much longer, makes eye contact, and two days ago I got my first (non-gas) smile! Easton's eyes have become so blue and his hair is changing to a beautiful light red. He definitely looks more like my side of the family (at least right now) and he REALLY looks like my daddy, which makes me so happy- and makes me miss my dad during this time, all the more. Easton is so beautiful and I really am falling more in love with him everyday.

I had a big couple of weeks as well. I ventured to Valley Fair and the Great Mall with Easton, fed him in public (using a Hooter-Hider, of course), gave the last nightly feeding over to Tony, and took Easton on his first weekend get-away.

I made Easton try on his Halloween costume fits!!

Tony and I packed Easton- and a million other things, in the car and took off on the open road to Davis, CA. My sister and brother-in law very graciously welcomed the three of us for the weekend at their home, and the five of us had a great time!

The nights are still rather difficult. Easton wakes up at least 3 times in the middle of the night- but he seems to have created a little schedule: waking to feed around 11:30pm, 2:30am, and 4:30am. Tony has taken over the 11:30 feeding, so I go to sleep right after I feed him (around 9pm) and sleep until he wakes to eat at 2:30am. That has saved my life, as I was truly starting to go crazy of fatigue. Easton takes a long time to eat and a really long time to fall asleep, so I am awake with him in the middle of the night between an hour and two hours- but I'm a lot less cranky now that I have a little more sleep under my belt.
Easton, at the pumpkin patch- he slept the whole time!

These last five weeks have been incredible. I still can't believe that Tony and I have our own little baby, and I'm so grateful to God that we have a healthy one. Tony is an amazing father (of course) and I am getting my barrings and becoming more and more comfortable as a mom. I tend to be someone who is always waiting for the next big thing to happen- but I have made a huge effort in the last couple of weeks to be really focused on the the moment, enjoying Easton for who he is right now. I can't believe how much he has already changed since birth, and I want to soak up every moment of him, just as he is.

More next week!

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