Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mom to a newborn: Week #3

Week number three. What can I say about week number three...well, it was the first week that we met Easton's REALLY evil twin. He only comes out after 7 p.m. at night and stays for a couple of hours. I'm a really polite person and can make anyone feel at home- but this guy...this guy, I'm just not that into.

The night seems to be the worst time for our little guy. He still doesn't totally understand day from night, even though I am trying my hardest to MAKE him understand (I draw the curtains first thing in the morning, keep it dim in the evening, talk softer at night, etc.). This baby seems to be his own person...and is not listening to me or my schedule the way I had assumed he would.

We did have do some really fun stuff in week three. We got to introduce baby boy to our good friends Jordan and Jenny Kellogg. Easton also got to meet his great-uncle Steven and Aunt Nicole, and was introduced to my dear friend Lisa McLaughlin and her cuter than life son, Donovan (6 months old)- who will inevitably be Easton's best friend.

My sanity is waning, as I am getting very little sleep and not drinking nearly enough coffee (I have to limit that because of breast feeding). I was planning on keeping Easton on the world's strictest schedule, and that has all but blown up in my face. I am realizing that he is, indeed, a human being- and I can't mold him as easily as I thought. He is having a "say" in his schedule development and I don't like that one bit. I will however, have to adjust my OCD just a little bit, and give him a little bit more room to be Easton. Night time screamer and all.

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