Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mom to a newborn: Week #2

Tony went back to work on September 26th, and my sister came back to give me a hand sans Daddy. I slept on the couch on Sunday night to give Tony uninterupted sleep. He was not only going back to work as a tired new dad, he was going back to a new job at a new school. He accepted a position as the Principal of Sinnott Elementary at the same time that we were getting ready for our upcoming arival. Lots of change. But all good change. Anyway, I slept on the couch and gave Tony a gift that any new mom can give their working husband...SLEEP. He appriciated it. :)

The second week of Easton's life saw lots of action. His first outing was to Target- he loved it. His second adventure was to Harmony, a birthing center in Campbell where we attended a breast feeding group. This group is great, and answered all my BF questions and gave me the chance to meet new moms who have babies the same age as Easton. He has friends already!
Christine and Easton. The three of us went on his first walk around the hood :)

We also gave Easton a bath, which he loved- I was a water baby myself, and happy that he is enjoying water so early. I also introduced tummy time this week. He gets 10 minutes of tummy time up to three times a day- I can tell he is a natural at the "plank" position. I also took him grocery shopping while he was sleeping in his car seat- bad idea, as Whole Foods' shopping cart is small and his car seat was the only thing that fit in the cart. I had to push him and carry a basket for my food at the same time. AWKWARD and DIFFICULT. But I got it done.

Easton and Dad walked down Lincoln avenue in his baby carrier (thank you for the Biorne, Jamie). Tony has been looking forward to wearing that carrier since before Easton was born. They both loved it, and people gawked at how little he was. Strangers stopped to look at our little guy. I was very excited about that. Not gonna lie...

When the sun sets, my anxiety sets in. What kind of night will it be? Will he sleep three to four hours, or will he be up every hour? Will I be able to keep his crying under control, or will Tony grumpily wake up to his son's screams? Every night is different. I am doing my best to keep him on a two and a half to three hour feeding schedule during the day, but during the night anything goes. Two of the nights he slept close to four hours (those were amazing nights) and three of the nights he stayed true to his three hour feeding schedule. But the other two nights....he was up every hour, on the hour. I am very thankful for makeup.
Every morning, I draw the shades sing and talk to my little guy. I am trying to get him used to light and noise during the day and dark and quiet at night. I'm trying to give him a hint... NIGHT IS FOR SLEEP. I have to continue to remind myself that he is new to the world....and give Easton the leniency he deserves. For now. :)

I am not doing a whole lot of sleeping while he sleeps. I am usually cleaning, doing laundry, cooking dinner, and showering in-between feedings...and I am fine with that. Someone has to do it.

Week two proved to be much easier, and I have started to get used to being on call- 24 hours a day. I'm enjoying being a mom. At least right now...

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