Thursday, August 25, 2011

A 21rst Century Nest for My Little Chick

Nesting is a very instinctual behavior. Birds do it. Humans do it. Rebecca is DOING it.

But here's the deal. I'm a 21rst century "nester." My favorite "nesting" tools are my handy computer,, and appointments made for estimates. Let me explain....

I spent about three hours yesterday cleaning the huge window in our living room. I'm talking CLEANING it. I had in my artillary: hot bucket of soapy water, toothbrush, Windex, a million rags, a hose, and squeegie. The window was CLEAN when I finished...tracks and all. After I finally finished, I thought: "there are at least 5 more windows I need to do...I'm hiring someone!" So I signed in to my trusty yelp account and found a window cleaning service. They are charging me under $200 to clean every window in my house- tracks, screen, and all. They will bring a four man crew and be out of my house in under 4 hours. Yes, that right. They will clean every window in my house in almost the same amount of time it took me to clean ONE window. I'm sold.

I'm also having a cleaning service to come in and get some deep cleaning done, that well- let's face it...I just don't want to do.

Preparing my nest might be a little more 21rst century, but the sentiment is just the same as its always been. I am trying to get everything just right for my little chick. He's definitely the most important "house guest" that I have ever expected...and I want everything to be perfect. Will it be? Nope. But at least it will be clean!

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