Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nice Little Sunday...Candlestick Antiques Show

Above: Vintage suitcases (my favorite!!!) at The Vintage Bricoleur

It's no secret that I love interior design, shopping, and vintage goodies. Best thing in the world...the combination of all three!! Tony and I set off for Candlestick Park today to give the Antique's Show a shot. I have never been to a garage sale, flea market, or I wasn't quite sure what I was in for. This show was perfect for a new comer- there was a variety of treasures, but not enough to overwhelm this pregnant chick. Tony and I didn't buy anything on our adventure but we found some great ideas for our next place- and we'll make the trek to a few more shows this summer to make some purchases. I was especially impressed by the hand-made and reclaimed furniture that we found. We loved a dresser so much that we're thinking about making it work for the baby's room.

As Tony and I walked away from the show I said to him..."I think I'm going to become an antiquer." This show was so fun- and I will be back!

Above: Beautiful frames and dresser from Restore and Rework:
Cisco Diaz, the owner of this booth had beautiful pieces, all of which were ripe for the picking! His booth was one of the best merchandised booths at the entire fair! Easy to look at and made you feel like you needed everything he had!

By far the BEST merchandising we saw all day was at the booth of The Vintage Bricoleur. Their treasures were beautiful and chic...They will be at the Alameda Fair on the first Sunday in July- and I can't wait to make a few purchases! Terry Sjotvedt:

These red wheels were once attached to a fire engine- I thought it would be perfect for our baby's nursery (Tony wants the baby's name in large letters over his crib). Unfortunately, we aren't entirely sure what the blessed child's name will we aren't positive that we'll need an O.

Above: Pretty little baubles at Cisco Diaz's booth: Restore and Rework: Home and Garden

This was the dresser that I fell in love with. Its drawers are metal and it has a wood frame. The dresser is so industrial and cool...PERFECT for a little boys room. We talked for a while with the creators of this fine piece of furniture, and once I figure out the measurements we need- I'll give them a call to either purchase this dresser or commission them to make one that works better for baby's room. Brown Dirt Cowbuys: Sylvia 415-572-9042, 290 Division St. 102 SF

Candlestick Park Antiques & Collectibles Fair

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the vintage bricoleur said...

Thank you so much for the compliments. We look forward to seeing you next month at Alameda. Terry

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