Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Cable Equals Great Entertainment

Tony and I have gone without TV-cable since July. I have to admit, it has been a little challenging. I defiantly feel out of the loop when it comes to local and national news, Tony is mourning the loss of Saturday and Sunday morning football, and if I'm totally honest... I absolutely miss the Real Housewives series; with all that said...NOT having TV has been a greater blessing than I ever could have imagined. For starters, Tony and I spend much more quality time together in the evening: cooking and going for long walks after work. We have one less bill to pay each month, which is fabulous, and we don't waste countless hours (and if I'm completely honest, it is HOURS) watching TV programs that have little or no educational or cultural enriching value.

We have, however, become members of NetFlix! Our Disq Queue has become quite important- each of us sneaking into the Queue, moving up his movie choices and moving down hers' in hopes that his picks will get here sooner. Getting our DVDs in the mail is the ultimate cheer up after a long day of work and school. Our movie choices are quite different; Tony always choosing action and horror, and me- well I love documentaries and indie films, best.

I have to say, the best part of my week is the few nights that Tony and I curl up in our den with our snoring dogs at our feet, and put on one of the highly anticipated NetFlix films. All in all, I believe that we have had richer and more authentic entertainment by watching some magnificent films, then we ever had flipping through TV channels in the hopes of catching something worth watching. With all the reality shows, negative news, and sub-par sit-coms on cable these days; its no wonder that we are enjoying life a little more without cable.

Here are some of our past film favorites!

1. The Stoning of Soraya M.

2. The Cove

3. City Island

4. Invictus

5. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (I loved the book as well)

6. Goodbye Solo

7. Annie Leibovitz: Life Through A Lens

8. The Hurt Locker

9. Into the Wild

10. Crazy Heart

Not having cable has given Tony and I the opportunity to make movie-watching an event, a special time for just the two of us. We have become more present with each other, talking over dinner and while cooking without the background noise of the TV to distract our conversation. I love spending more quality time with my husband, and I think that limiting the amount of "entertainment" has been a great step in growing our emotional and spiritual connectedness. While distracting oneself with TV can be a useful tool (I did this a whole lot while I was recovering from my ankle surgery last year) it is important to be aware that TV time takes away from family time. Setting up a DVD, making popcorn, and settling in for a movie night has become a treat for us- not just another part of the daily routine.

Happy MOVIE watching!!

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