Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lanvin For H&M Collection

For some time now, H&M has been collaborating with high-end designers to create limited edition pieces of fashion that are both chic and affordable. Lanvin, (pronounced Lahn-Vaan) is the newest fashion house to jump on the H&M bandwagon. The collection Alber Elbaz has created for the fashion-forward, mass-market store will be seen in (selected) H&M locations in late November.

H&M has famously partnered with some of the world's greatest fashion minds. Consumers have had the chance to buy H&M Collections designed by Roberto Cavalli, Karl Lagerfeld (Coco Chanel designer), Stella McCartney, Madonna, Viktor&Rolf, and Comme Des Garcons. I have been on the receiving end of H&M's designer looks, (Lisa, my dear friend and H&M Manager gave me an amazing Jimmy Choo bracelet for Christmas last year) and I can tell you- the merchandise is well made and carefully designed to excite any fashionista.

I can predict one thing, however. The lines to buy the new Lavin Collection at H&M will be discouraging. It will be almost impossible to get the size and item that you have looked forward to placing in your closet, BUT if you do find that dress, purse, or jacket that you have been coveting since the debut of Lanvin's collection- you will own a piece of history. Ebay will be stocked with inflated priced Lanvin for H&M items, and you might even be tempted to place your own for sale. But this is a mistake. My advice for anyone who purchases a Lanvin design from H&M...KEEP IT. LOVE IT. ENJOY owning a rare collaboration between high-end couture and fashion affordable chic.

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