Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Return of the Kitten Heel

As a self proclaimed "fashionista" and "high heel guru," I was devastated when I shattered my ankle in May 2009. "How am I ever going to wear my 4-inch heels again?" was my first question to my physical therapist on my first day of therapy . As I have come to find out, I won't EVER be wearing my amazing stilettos again. So I was pleased to see shorter fashionable heels in magazines and in stores this fall. I even bought a pair of red, patent leather, round toe-kitten heels.
I was so excited when I read the article, "The Return of the Kitten Heel" in Bazaar Magazine's September issue! I revere Bazaar Magazine as fashion's bible, and if Bazaar says Kitten heels are back "en vogue," THEY ARE!
I still get a little misty eyed when I run my fingers over my artfully displayed Dolce and Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, and BCBG 4.5-inchers but these shoes have a special place in my closet and in my heart. Until that day comes when I can cat-walk down the streets in my towering stilettos, I am pleased to wear my trendy kitten heels.

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