Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kid's Birthday Parties as a Child-less Woman

Brody, the birthday boy enjoying his new toy.

Baby Dave eating an amazing cupcake that Deanna made by hand.

Today I went to Brody's 1rst birthday party. He is the cutest little bundle of chubby baby that I have ever seen. My dear friend Deanna has three kids, all are well behaved and beautiful. I have known Deanna since we were in kindergarten- and I am always amazed at what an elegant, hard working wife and mother she has become.

Kids birthday parties are one of those events that child-less adults usually dread going to. There are bunches of kids running around, parents conversations are being interrupted by a screaming child, and the conversation is usually based on the newest kids toy or parenting ideas that are in "vogue." BUT, I haven't experienced the usually inevitable feeling of dread and boredom at the last few birthday parties that I have attended. I feel excited.

Kids are suddenly becoming cuter. Their messiness is adorable and their fits are becoming less annoying. I guess this means...I WANT MY OWN. Yikes. This is kind of new territory for me. I have always known that I wanted kids, but felt it was so far off that the idea was just whimsical...a fairy tale, even. As my life is becoming more grounded, I am beginning to get used to the idea of having children in the near future....and I like it.


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