Thursday, April 15, 2010

Household Products I Can't Live Without

I suppose that you know your an adult when you actually take the time to list cleaning and general household products you can't live without....well, if that makes me an adult, I guess I need to accept that!! Here are my favorites...

1. Laundry detergent: All Small and Mighty
2. Stain Remover: OxyClean Stain Removing Gel
3. Toilet gel stuff: Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel (you put it in your toilet after you clean it and it keeps it fresh and clean for a week!!)
4. Fabric Softener: Downy Simple Pleasures in Lavender Serenity
5. Toothpaste: Crest 3D Vivid toothpaste (I LOVE THIS)
6. Face Cleanser: Lancome Oil Free Gel Cleanser
7. Rubber gloves: Williams Sonoma Rubber Gloves (They are amazing...I have a pair for the kitchen and a pair for cleaning- and I always give them as gifts for brides-to-be)
8. Air Freshener: Glade Plug-ins in Hawaiian Breeze (every time I go to the store, I buy more- I have new ones on hand at ALL TIME)
9. Towels: Hotel Collection white towels from Macys (they are the BEST, and some are pretty well priced and I buy them way too often- we have a million in this house)
10. Lotion: Johnson and Johnson Baby Cream (LOVE)
11. Lotion: Chanel Firming Moisture Milk (I use it every time I get out of the shower-its the best)
12. Dishwashing Detergent: Cascade Action Packs

Happy Shopping!!

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