Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going Green: Urban Chic

Here are a few tips for going green- anyone can do this!!

1. Don't use paper plates or plastic utensils EVER.

Once I had a party for my husband's staff- I put out 20 small plates and silver for all to use. Yes....I was in the kitchen for a good twenty minutes of the party, hand washing dishes so that I could get them out for further use...(one person even asked if she could run to the store to grab paper plates, I think she felt bad for me....obviously I said NO) but here is the best part....less trash and no wasted trees!! :)

2. Use cloth napkins.
We keep a drawer of these in the kitchen and reuse the napkins for a few days (depending on how "used" they get) and we throw them in the washing machine when they need to be refreshed. I don't have to point out the obvious, but I will...less trash and no wasted trees!

3. Unplug your computer at night.
This saves major electricity and a special saves $90 a year on your PG&E bill!

4. Put a brick in your toilet.
This raises the water level and uses less water per flush.

5. Eat less processed food and more organic.
Processed food usually (almost always) comes in packaging which means plastic...which means more trash that doesn't decompose...EVER. Plus, eating organic is better for you body...a win, win.

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