Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Poppy is ELEVEN months old!

Poppy is officially eleven months old. How is it possible that in just one month, we'll be celebrating her first birthday? She is still super small, wearing her six month clothes, but thankfully she's consistently moving up on her growth chart.

Poppy is still nursing pretty exclusively. We've tried lots of foods, including finger foods (she has five teeth!) and pureed food. She eats a little, depending on her mood. We tried ordering a food puree meal service for her- Little Spoon, which is amazing food- but far too much for her (i would recommend it, however if you happen to have a big eater). I've had to do a pretty big shopping spree for Poppy this month- all of her 6-9 month clothes are for spring and summer...I needed to buy some warmer tiny clothes.

Poppy has become so playful. She plays peek-a-boo with blankets (and cloth napkins), she squeals when i grab her leg and pull her toward me, than tries to crawl away really fast...we do this over and over with her laughing and squealing with delight. She is still painfully attached to me, but seems to be allowing other people to at least pick her up and hand her to me without crying. Daddy seems to be getting higher on her list of people she likes, with myself and sailor at the very top.

She jabbers all the time. She does sign language for "all done," "milk," and "up." She has tried to say "sailor" and says "ya" and "mamama." All of her other words seem to be inconsistent, but she's getting there. She's cruising all over the place, pulling herself up, and still crawls with one "peg leg" just like Easton did as a baby.

Poppy still loves music. As soon as she hears music she starts moving her little booty, bouncing her head, and dancing to the music. She also tries to sing along- its so amazing to watch. The boys still sing her the song we made up whenever she cries. They also sing Old Town Road by Lil Nas X, her favorite of all the songs in the world.

She's sleeping in her crib most of the night- usually around 3am I bring her into bed with me. She still wakes up between three and four times before it's time to get up for the day. (I recently bought a smart watch and I'm alarmed by the lack of sleep I'm getting each night). Thankfully, she does nap in the morning- but only if I lay with her....so I also take a nap every morning.

The ability to carve out time to workout has been increasingly difficult for me as Poppy won't stay in the studio childcare...so, I'm now paying a friend to watch her two-three mornings a week so I can get in a workout (this is necessary for me in order to stay sane).

I'm enjoying my sweet baby so much. For all of the attachment, sleepless nights, constant nursing... I still wake up every single day thanking God for this third baby. She brings so much delight to all of our lives. Her humor, resilience, and playfulness inspire me every single day.

God, thank you for making me her mama.

(I missed her 10 month update. below are the pictures I took of her at 10 months...with all the intention in the world to write about it...)

Friday, September 13, 2019

Notes on Summer: Summer Bucket List

This was a very interesting summer. Easton got out of school just a few days before the July 1rst, so our summer was a bit short but we fit A LOT in.

We started the break by making a list of all the things we wanted to get done. When Poppy went into the hospital (July 9th) we had to adjust some of our plans- but our friends who lovingly took our boys and cared for them while we stayed with Poppy; they kept the summer bucket list going. (cheers to good friends!)

The list included: 

*Silly String Fight

We were so scared for Poppy's surgery. One of the things I wanted to do was figure out how we could do something fun WHILE she was in the hospital. I didn't want Sailor and Easton to only see tony and I in a stressed and scared place. So, the day before her surgery Tony and I took the boys to a beautiful park right across from the hospital. I hid behind a tree and surprised the kids with a silly string battle. It's my favorite summer memory. it lasted all of five minutes- and it was epic.


We went to the zoo in Tacoma with my sister and brother in law when they came up for a visit a few weeks ago! It was so fun and we loved the aquarium (so did Poppy!)

*Artist Playground

Easton and I put the Artist Playground on our summer bucket list on the day we started it. We were so excited to go- Easton must have asked EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last two weeks of summer. We finally went the day before he started school (Memorial Day). It did not disappoint. The boys played for hours, climbing up the ropes and sliding down the humongous slides. We bought shaved ice, looked around the Pop Art Museum, and then jetted off to our 5pm reservation to tour the Space Needle (which was an impromptu decision).

*Space Needle

*Northwest Trek
*Visit the Davis family

Quick day trip to see our dear friends who (sadly) moved about an hour and a half away. our kiddos play so well together. Ashley and I had a wonderful time catching up and letting our 8 kids run wild.


we went bowling in lieu of going for a hike in Enumclaw...on the way to the hike it started to rain. So, plan B was bowling. The kids loved it. Sailor was a natural and got three strikes! The bowling day was one day (less than 24 hours actually) before we took Poppy to the hospital.

Roasting Marshmallows

We had a trip planned. But for the Grace of God we decided not to go, as Poppy didn't seem to be feeling well. We were supposed to be camping the day we took Poppy into the ER. I'm hoping we can plan a quick camping trip before the rain comes...

**Music Concert at Allen Yorke Park
Mariners Game (Poppy and I got to go, but sadly we didn't get back with the whole family)


the boys went to california for a quick visit while poppy and i stayed home! they had a great time visiting Nana and Grandpa and spent some quality time with Grandma, too.

*Mine Craft Festival
**Great Wolf Lodge

We went a week before we took Poppy to the hospital. It was a great time, but a bit tainted with memories of Poppy not feeling well during our stay...So, we went back (met our dear friends, Jordan & Jenny and their two kiddos) for a day trip.

*Hike Mount Rainer

we did this with my sister and her family, and had SUCH a wonderful time. we went on a trail that had the most vivid wildflowers anywhere on the mountain (per the ranger we ran into on the trail). We spotted a glacier on the mountain and got a marvelous view of a lake (maybe it's called, Emerald Lake?)- the water was absolutely stunning.

I have starred all the ones we were able to get done. Camping and the Mariner's game were postponed due to Poppy's surgery. The boys were able to go to the Mine Craft Festival and Northwest Trek with our friends- thank you Janet and Katherine!

Over all it was an [interesting] summer. I hope my little boys hold on to some of the memories we've made over the last few months- I know I certainly will...

Monday, August 19, 2019

Poppy is NINE months old (plus a few days)

I didn't write a post for Poppy's eight month milestone. I started it, and never finished. I started the post one day after we took her to her pediatrician and one day before we took her to the ER where we found out she was in heart failure.

Since Poppy's surgery (exactly five weeks ago, today) she has been thriving. All of the milestones which seemed to regress before we got her true diagnosis, have come back with all their glory. Poppy is rolling, scooting, eating solids, laughing, and full of life. As I write this I feel the tears welling up in my eyes. We were so close to losing our girl. It feels like a bad dream from which we woke, only to find that it was real...but she's okay. She's a tiny little miracle baby.

Two weeks ago I decided to put her in her crib (for the first time ever!). The first two nights she slept longer than she has ever slept before. I, of course, was terrified and checked on her about ten times. Since then, she sleeps about three to four hour stretches in her crib. When she wakes up crying, I feed her and put her back in her crib.

She loves eating pureed pears, bananas, and whole strawberries. She eats her solid food three times a day, and nurses right after. She has two teeth on the bottom and I think I can see a third making it's way through! She bites me all the time, and I have yelped in pain more times than I care to admit.

She still LOVES music, and calms down whenever she hears me sing. She also actively dances to music, and can't sit still when she hears it. She also loves rap- a baby after my own heart (swoon) I can't believe how strong and confident she's becoming.

Poppy is trying very hard to stand up on her own, pull herself up, and crawl...baby girls isn't there quite yet, but she is SUPER close. (insert sigh here...) Her scar from heart surgery is healing, and everyday I kiss it and tell her how beautiful it is. I hope one day she sees the beauty in her little zipper, too.

I can't wait to see what this month will bring- maybe she'll even begin to fit into her nine month clothes!?!? One can hope.

If you're interested in reading the unfinished eight month post- you can see it below.
It made me quite overwhelmed to re-read it...knowing what I know now. The unfinished eight month post went like this...

"Sweet Poppy is eight months old. I wish I could say that thins are AMAZING with her growth and development thus far, but they are not.

A couple of weeks ago, Poppy had her well check. She was weighed and given a vaccine. She came home and didn't feel so great. I have been trying to feed her baby food- purees, but she hasn't been eating them. At all. When we got home from the well check, I tried to feed her some whole wheat cereal and she threw up immediately. From then on, she's been throwing up most of the time I get a few bites of food in her.

Her color had started to change a bit, she started to feel weaker, and definitely was doing less activity than she had been doing in the previous few weeks. The other night, when I picked her up, I started to cry. She felt so skinny. So weak. Her body was feeling floppy and less strong.

We took her to the doctor yesterday and discovered that she has lost one full pound in two weeks. For a baby who is already on the small side (5%tile) a one pound weight loss is HUGE. Her doctor ran lab tests and her blood work showed that she was very anemic.

We have an answer to our baby's sudden decrease in strength, her coloring, her quick/rapid breaths, and hopefully her weight loss. She will start taking an iron supplement and her doctor would like me to supplement her diet with some formula."

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Poppy's Scar.

'you've been focusing a lot on the scar,' my sister said. "do you want to talk about it? How it will look?"

"no. i wouldn't say I'm FOCUSING, just thinking about it." 

I was focusing on the scar. one large scar, right down the center of her chest. a scar whose line starts just under the notch of her sternum and travels down to the top of her rib cage. it won't blend in. i would be telling a lie if i did not write about my first thoughts. the thoughts of a scar poking through her prom dress, her senior photos, her wedding dress. I had thought about how cruel kids can be- what they might say about the huge line down her breast bone.

If I'm honest, it brought me back to my childhood. the way my body looked just a little bit different from my friends. I was fair...pale, if you will. I had (and still do) dark blue veins that stood out on my chest. My legs where so white that my friends (ahem, ali and allison) used to poke fun that my legs looked like milk jars.

I have always, -oh dear God please let it stop one day- felt my body out of place. too curvy, too thick, too much up top. Every single time I put a dress on, I have to think...does this make me look like a woman of the night? My friends with smaller more delicate frames never have to ask that question....they don't look inappropriate in a stylish v-neck sweater from J-Crew. I do.

I have always dreamt that my little girl would be the exact opposite of me. petite, quiet, delicate. I hoped that when she walked into a room, she would be seen for all the things that I want to be seen for. Intelligence, dedication, poise, strength. I'm scared of this scar. I'm scared of this traumatic story, that will be told by her and retold a hundred times to strangers- at least- strangers to me.

For me, this scar represents Poppy's autonomy. Her heart failure, her pulmonary hypertension, her very near death experience...it all happened to her. I would have gladly ripped my chest open on her behalf. I would have taken all of it from her if I could. I couldn't. All those months that she cooked in my belly, when we were one...those are over. She is her own person. she'll have her own baggage, health issues, successes, insecurities, and failures. I'm just along for the ride as long as she'll let me.

This scar is a part of Poppy, not me. She will grow into it. Sometimes she will hate it, other times..maybe she will use it as a source of strength and grit. My focus on the scar had so little to do with what it would look like and far more to do with it belonging to HER. my girl. my eight month old baby had heart surgery and in the moments that I forget, or hope to forget, there it will be. A perfectly straight, long scar right down the middle of her chest. A reminder of what she went through. How close we were to losing her...and how hard she fought to keep going.

We named her Poppy for a reason. the wild poppies grow almost anywhere. they are hearty, earthy, beautiful flowers that represent all the things we know our girl will be. Poppies have grit. Our Poppy, she has grit.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Poppy is SEVEN months!

Poppy turned seven months last week. She is making all of us fall in love with her more and more everyday. 

She's about 14 pounds, wears size six month clothes, and loves wearing big bows around her head and baby sunglasses. She has one bottom tooth which has broken the surface, but it's far from totally grown in...it's barley noticeable. We have given her little bits of food here and there...she gets most of the food on her clothes and very little in her mouth. I'm a big fan of the "baby led weaning" which means a bit more mess but A LOT more baby control over what they put in their mouth and when they feel finished. We've given her small bits of avocado, banana, strawberries, and some greek yogurt (which she dipped her hands in and put in her mouth...super duper messy).

She sits up on her own, she scoots backwards, and she still sleeps anywhere but her crib. Poppy is also going from laying down on her back to sitting up by herself- which I find remarkable. As soon as I hand her off to ANYONE, she cries. When I take her back, she stops. It's quite infuriating (and a bit sweet ;).

She talks a lot, especially at night. My friends and I are pretty sure she called John (our good buddy and neighbor) Dada. Tony has been called Dada a couple of times...and I've heard mama a few times, too. She waves hello, with her entire arm and open hand, and it might be the cutest thing ever.

Poppy loves music, especially singing. We sing to her all day long. She stops crying almost instantly if we sing. So far her favorite singer is Mama, but I'm certain she'll love Beyonce just as much one of these days.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sailor's Pre-K Graduation

 Tonight, my Sailor-boy "graduated" from Pre-K.

Sailor stole my heart five and a half years ago. He's kind and cautious. He's shy and goofy. Sailor takes after his mama by singing on the drop of a dime and loves to curl up and cuddle.

 This year has been such a sweet year. We have seen a huge change in Sailor- his teacher, Ms. Lisa has played a huge role in this change. While I will happily carry his backpack and jacket and HIM... Ms. Lisa has (more times than I care to admit) kindly encouraged him to handle his own sh*t (my explative not hers 🙊).  He has become more responsible, confident, and pushes his chair in every time I show up for pick up.

Tonight at his graduation ceremony, he and his classmates sang a few songs, (songs which he has sung to me throughout the week to "practice") stood up to receive their diploma's, and proudly marched to the stage with the graduation song playing in the background.

After a quick trip to a frozen yogurt shop for celebration, tony tucked the boys in and said prayers. a little while later, sailor padded into my room. he had a "bad dream".  We walked downstairs to cuddle for a few minutes and he let me know he didn't want to go to kindergarden. He doesn't want to leave Ms. Lisa's class. He doesn't wake up early enough to go to school at 9am...  As he started to cry, I was reminded of the story my mom told me many times over the years. the story goes- when I was three, I curled up in her lap and cried because I didn't want to turn four.  sailor and I are cut from the same cloth.

These moments for us parents- they are proud, sappy, and exciting. For sailor though, it is the great unknown. will kindergarden be scary? will it be different than what he's used to? will he have to do hard things? will he have to do these hard things without his mama there to help him through? YES.

As I held my Sailor, I reminded him that he CAN do hard things. And before he does, he'll have a summer full of mama time and full of adventures.  We'll even set the alarm to practice waking up on time for school.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Poppy is SIX months!

I, Rebecca Frascone, first of my name, mother of three, sleep deprived queen of the Frascone house...did not make time to write a post about Poppy at her FIVE month mile stone. So, I will give a quick recap on her fifth month of life and sprinkle in her sixth month, too!
Poppy was dedicated (a similar process to baptism, but at our church here in Washington, we practice dedication in place of infant baptism) at Gospel Life Church on March 10th. We had a little get together after the service with all of our Community Group family and a couple of other close friends. Poppy was a little doll the entire day, and looked so sweet wearing the dress that myself, my sister, and my two cousins wore on our baptism days all those years ago. 

Poppy had been pretty fussy for quite some time and her nursing was getting worse and worse. Her surgeon (who we met before she was even born) had decided it was best to remove the mass in her belly in case that was causing issues. Her surgery went better than expected and she was out of the hospital within 24 hours. Since then, her nursing has improved (so has her mood) and she has gained 6oz in three weeks! Hooray!

She is still on the small end of the growth chart, clocking in at a whopping 6%tile for overall weight and height. She weighs 13.2 lbs. (that weight was taken on May 14) and she's as tiny as a jelly bean. 

Although she is small, she is mighty. Poppy has been very strong since day one and continues to amaze us with her body control. She loves jumping her little heart out in her jumpy saucer and cries every time I put her down- she wants to be held constantly (if she's not happily jumping). She still sleeps with me (sigh) and has yet to spend one minute in her crib. 

Poppy and I had a successful girls trip to visit my sister in Davis last month. She had quality auntie time and lot's of snuggles from her cousins. 

She is so alert and active and loves to watch the leaves on the trees, her brother's dancing, and playing with her rattle. She also loves to pull my hair. I don't love that so much....

I have made up a song for all three of my kiddos when they were babies. The boys absolutely LOVE singing the song I made up for Poppy- as soon as they start singing it, she starts screaming and giggling with joy. The song goes like this: 
Our Poppy is the best!
Though she likes to poop in her pants.
Oh, she's the best baby in the whole wide world
Oh, I love my little Poppy girl,
That's right!
Oh, I love my little Poppy girl!

Her nap schedule is as follows: a tiny nap in the morning (usually on me or in the car seat...on our way to yoga), afternoon nap (sometimes in my bed, sometimes on me while we walk), late afternoon nap in bed. wow...just writing this nap schedule makes me feel like a terrible mama...three kids is no easy task. yikes. 

We love watching our little wild flower grow and look forward to taking her on her first international trip soon! Poppy's smile is infectious. She laughs (especially at night) for tony and I, but almost always smiles and laughs as soon as she sees her brothers. They entertain her to no end...

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