Sunday, November 15, 2015

notes on travel: sedona

 tony and i took a quick and magical trip to sedona, arizona last week. it was a three night getaway without the children. originally, tony was scheduled to have a heart procedure in november but his cardiologist determined that the procedure wouldn't be done (which is a fabulous turn of events). so instead of carving out time for hospital, we carved out time for vacation. 

i've heard over and over again that sedona is a healing, spiritual place- and given our big fat heart scare in august, we decided we needed a spiritual and healing place to vacation! 

we flew to phoenix on friday night and stayed at the Palmor (a kimpton hotel). we had dinner at Pizzeria Bianco, a great spot in old town Phoenix known for it's wood fired pizza's and long wait times. the great thing about the wait… Pizzeria Bianco has a bar next door (a totally separate building) that you can grab a table at while waiting for the servers to tell you when your table next door is ready! we had dinner with my God-Sister, Sarah and her husband Kurt (who very successfully sold us on the idea of moving near them…we shall see…)

(tony's ever present robert de niro face- it always shows up in selfies)

saturday morning we drove (our rental car) to sedona (it took about an hour and a half). immediately we were totally blown away by the red rock formations- they are magnificent. we checked into our Amara Resort (Kimpton) hotel room and went for a long walk. dinner was at 6:30 at the famed L'Auberge restaurant. we ate a four course french meal- which was by far- the best food i've ever eaten in my life. 

sunday we took a long hike twisting and turning up to the top of Cathedral Rock. i was amazed by how green and lush everything was throughout the hike until we reached the top. sedona is not a desert and therefore gets enough rain to keep everything green! who knew?!

after our hike we ate lunch at a mexican restaurant, then headed to the Pink Jeep tours to book a tour to one of the 700+ year old Native American sites, called the Honanki Heritage Site. this was by far the best part of our trip. i loved seeing the cliff dwellings and petroglyphs. i loved walking the paths of the ancient people who loved, used, and protected their land. my favorite spot was a dwelling that researchers believe to have been the site of the midwife. it was a small room at the base of the rock with painting of the midwife symbol (a circle with a line through it) and a picture of a mama, holding her baby towards the sun in gratitude. just beautiful. 

we had dinner on sunday night at an old spot (the oldest restaurant in sedona) where elvis priestly and john wayne used to dine at. the cowboy club, steak house was good (not great) but the history was pretty fabulous. 

 monday was our last day in sedona. we hiked up a big rock and stayed on top for quite a while. we sat, prayed, and felt the intense energy (truly) the rock's vortex gave off. i did a few yoga poses on the rock and honestly wanted to stay up there forever. tony let me stay as long as he could, but alas it was time to drive back to phoenix to board the plane and see our little monsters. 

it was an amazing trip- one that will go down as one of our favorites! we'll be back (next time, with the kids) again! for sure. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

sunday style: instagram wrap up

i am THAT mama who wears yoga pants and a sweater every day that i can get away with. sunday, however is a day that is always reserved for style. sundays our family goes to church in marin, and usually spends time after church romping around sausalito, marin, or san francisco. dressing for me has always been equal parts exhausting and exhilarating but since having sailor, i've been equal parts too tired to deal and too self conscience to enjoy how i look in clothes.

just recently i went on a little shopping spree. i needed clothes that both fit and looked a little more current. i've been on a mission to wear more than just yoga pants and sweaters everyday- mostly because i always feel a tad more confident when i dress to impress (the person i am striving to impress is as a mama, i need clothes that are easy to throw on and easy to throw in the wash. i also need clothes that can be mixed and matched, layered, and stripped down (so that if i do need to wear yoga pants, the shirt will go perfectly with little effort). here are some of my recent outfits.

i've been forcing myself to wear my new clothes on days other than sunday- so that during the week i feel as put together as i do on sunday. :)

and finally, just so we're clear... yoga is one place i ALWAYS wear yoga pants ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

beach retreat.

my posse and i went for a little beach retreat this past weekend. oh my goodness. the house was amazing. there were about seven of us women- four of whom went up on friday (myself included) and three of us stayed through monday.

we stayed in Aptos, right on the ocean. my friend (and mentor) and i went on a ten mile walk up and down the beach, i wrote, colored in an intricate coloring book, watched movies, and cooked. we all missed our kids but husbands and children came up on sunday to enjoy the beach and barbecue. Tony and i even got a little quiet time together, sitting on the beach and watching the sun set.

the kids and i stayed sunday night, and left late in the morning on monday.

my favorite thing about our little getaway? i slept THROUGH the night two nights in a row. that my friends, was amazing…

the boys and i love to dig in the sand for sand crabs. on sunday we were digging for almost two hours, finding countless crabs and letting them go. we also found a HUGE clam (which i opened, and thought about cooking, but didn't) and two little crabs (a mama and her babies…maybe?)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

i've been eating, cooking, reading, browsing, & buying...

eating: food has been pretty clean the last few months. i was trying (without a whole lotta luck) to lose the last of the weight i gained while i was pregnant with sailor. finally, i had enough, so i met with a nutritionist who got me back on the straight and narrow. most of my meals consist of one protein, vegetables, one serving of fruit, and one wasa cracker. i've lost 26 lbs, so i think it worked. i'm not even bored. most of the food i eat is really healthy, but once you get used to REALLY healthy- you crave it. so i find myself craving zucchini and artichoke hearts throughout the day!

cooking: one of my favorite dishes (that i created since starting my nutritionist-guided diet) is wild rice, sautéed shitake mushrooms, spiraled zucchini (i use a spiralizer which makes the zucchini look like spaghetti), with herbs and coconut oil. it's really good and really filling. i make it once a week (however the little boys won't go near it…)

reading: i just read Girl On the Train. what an amazing read. i was consumed for three days, and felt immense sadness when i finished it.

browsing: i've been on a hunt for new clothes, shoes, & general fashion accessories. i've been scanning nordstrom/ nordstrom rack, shop bop, and zara (online). it's so hard to pull the trigger when there are so many things to chose from. the standard basics with a few fun pieces to mix in- those are what i'm on the hunt for! i also have my eye on this carpet (once we finally find a house), i would love to own it. until then, i will just look at it :)

buying: since i'm back to a more normal-ish weight for me (i could still stand to lose 5-10 lbs), i am finally feeling ready to make new clothes commitments. last week i went to the mall (all by myself) and bought a camel hair long vest, vintage pleated skirt, skinny jeans, a super lovely green dress (which can be dressed up or down), and a few basic tops in easy to layer colors and textures. my go to place for basics is Zara. great prices and great fit! last but, certainly not least, i bought a clare vivier purse. it's small, and i love it!

Monday, September 21, 2015

notes on travel: disney land and huntington beach

last week we took a family vacation to disney land and huntington beach. it was much needed, especially after the health scare from last month. it was so wonderful to spend quality time together as a family!

easton had been looking forward to spending his fourth birthday in disneyland for MONTHS. this was our first trip to disney, since having kids (tony and i hadn't been to disneyland since we were kids, ourselves) and we were so excited to experience the magic. before we went, however, we made a quick stop in huntington beach. we stayed at the Kimpton, Shorebreak Hotel right on the water. as soon as we arrived we grabbed the hotel supplied beach toys, blankets, and beach towels and headed straight to the beach. the four of us played in the water for hours. i couldn't believe how warm and how clear the water was. easton and sailor loved digging in the sand, building sandcastles, and letting the water wash over their tiny little bodies.

 as always, there was a lot of jumping on beds during this trip...

we ate dinner at the hotel (which was amazing) and went back to our room for an early bedtime. in the morning, my dear friend (from elementary school) met us at our hotel. we chatted and hung out on the swanky patio while the kids played a large game of chess and dug in the sandbox.

then, we were off to disneyland! we picked up our friends at the airport and went straight to the park.

 day one of disney was full of fantasyland. we road snow white, pinnochio, dumbo, tea cups, small world, and lot's of others. easton was NOT a fan of the snow white and pinnochio rides. they were too scary- but that kid was a roller coaster king. he went on every single ride (minus space mountain, the matterhorn, and indiana jones). we also didn't take him on the haunted mansion ride, because snow white scared him. no explanation required.

Sailor loved meeting the characters. he especially loved pooh bear, he had a very special moment with him, holding hands and rubbing noses. true to form, sailor takes a while to warm up- so whenever we got on a ride, sailor would cling to me and whine but by the time the ride ended he would try to stay on, trying to go for another. he loved the little mermaid ride and winnie the pooh ride the best!

we went to disneyland with the idea that we would buy each kid a shirt, a stuffy, and one toy. however, a very special fairy surprised us with four day park hopper tickets- and wouldn't let us pay her back, so we let the kids get a few more trinkets. it's something that we will probably never do again, but it was pretty cool to say yes (for the most part) every time easton asked for something. he was quite surprised, actually. easton's favorite character is minnie mouse (just like his mama). he even wanted minnie mouse ears to wear around the park. he loved meeting minnie and seeing her "house," and she loved seeing his minnie mouse ears!

tony and i got to spend the morning with our friends, anica & chris. they met us for some adult rides and lunch at disneyland. we had a great time, until we picked up the kids at a ride and listened to the one and only melt down from sailor on the entire trip (but it lasted for about 3 hours).

 tony and i on the indiana jones ride, and cynthia and i taking a selfie while our kiddos played in the "street."

we watched the light show, hit the parades, saw the frozen sing along, the mickey mouse club house show, and even got caught in the rain one morning. we wore rain parkas, minnie ears, and lots of smiles!

easton's birthday was two days shy of our disneyland trip. so we did what any normal parent would do…we lied. we told him is birthday was on our last day in disneyland (which was september 16th, when his actual birthday was september 18th). we celebrated his birthday at the park, and ate dinner with all of our friends at Goofy's Kitchen at the Disneyland hotel. we even had a special minnie mouse cake made, just for him! he was a little off kilter by that point (8pm on the last day in disneyland), but it was still extremely special and extremely magical! we bought him a mickey mouse watch for his birthday and "slink dog" (from toy story).

we ended our trip the same way we started. huntington beach. tony flew home on thursday, and i drove on, to visit with anica (for a third time!!) and then to karen's house. karen is one of my closest friends, she and her family moved to huntington beach about six months ago (and we miss them dearly). easton and sailor love their buddies, neena and bear (and play so well with them, it's honestly a joy to watch). we spent the night and hung out all day with them. it was a wonderful end to a wonderful trip!

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