Tuesday, September 2, 2014


 easton started preschool last week. he was shy and timid but he warmed up and has been really enjoying his new school. he spoke about starting 'skuuuuule soon' for the entire summer. every time we passed a school bus he would ask, excitedly, if he was going to ride on a school bus to preschool. of course, he can't take a bus, but we are hoping to pull some strings to allow him a ride on a school bus very soon.

easton is such a sweet boy and his small Christian school seems to be such an amazing fit for him. thankfully, it is also a great fit for our schedule. i can't believe how hard it was to find a preschool that accepted early drop off and two full days a week. most of the preschools we toured were either half day programs or five full days a week. we were thrilled to find this preschool close to sailor and easton's daycare that is minutes away from tony's work. all is right in the world.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

mama to a nine month old.

sailor is nine months old. it feels a little sad, this birthday milestone. i'm not quite sure why, but i'm pretty sure it has something to do with the knowledge that he just may be, my last baby. nine months old really starts to mark the climb into toddlerhood. soon he'll be walking and chatting, and before i know it- he'll be telling me to give him some 'privacy in the bathroom, please.' (oh, easton.)

the last few days, i've been a little schmooopy about the whole thing. baby sailor is growing up. each month that passes offers new and exciting developments for him- all of which i love. i just want it to move a little slower. (don't we all)

nine months has had a lot of new developments. he is eating all sorts of cut up fruit, veggies, and legumes. he's really excited by food and can't wait to get his little paws on it. i have opted out of the baby food puree in lieu of fresh stuff that allows him to grab, chew, gum, and swallow. it's been going really well (he has two teeth on the lower gum and two coming in on the top). the baby still won't sleep through the night. so, i'm still brining him into bed at some point during the night and nursing/sleeping with him until morning. (which is working out just fine)

he is sitting up, rolling over, and sitting up again. he repeats this process quite quickly so he can get where he wants to go. it's pretty cute. sailor wants to crawl so badly, but he's just not quite there yet. any day now…

sailor and easton still giggle at each other incessantly. they are such a cute little pair and really have fun together. today easton was leaning on the foot rest of the stroller and sailor was grabbing his face and laughing so hard. my heart was in a pool on the ground. it literally melted.
i'm not quite sure why, but this picture (above) is one of my favorites of sailor. he just looks so flirty and unsuspecting. and a little bit like…"what? i didn't do anything wrong… i'm an angel" kinda-look. also- the hair is killing me. it's literally a MOP on top of his dome. hilarious.

Friday, August 8, 2014

small little home tour: living room

i did a small little home tour a while ago of my favorite little spots in my house. i thought i'd give you a bigger peak into our home, one room at a time. this is our living space, which is [tiny] and lovely. it's the perfect combination of homey and bohemian. it feels relaxing and comfortable (which is how a living room is supposed to feel).

1. a basket for all of sailor's baby blankets and carriers. 2. it's ok. a daily reminder. 3. we love our little blue couch (but could use a bigger couch for cuddling…one day) 4. we have a tiny record collection. 90% used to be my parent's. i love pulling out a record and seeing the neat way it was put away- knowing my dad was probably the last person to listen to that one… 5. homestead. 6. the plants are mine. the goldfish is easton's. 7. lovely little wall hanging. 8. tony's vintage eames chair. 8. a play space for easton. 9. we like to jam to records in the morning. 10. war is over. if you want it. 11. i'm a coffee table book collector. 12. black and whites of us.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

swordfish skewers with orzo.

i have a dirty little secret. sometimes…food goes to waste in my house. it's the worse feeling in the world to look in my refrigerator and find bad broccoli, string beans, brussle sprouts, etc. i feel a deep sense of sadness as i throw away those precious bits of produce. i try to plan meals pretty diligently, but sometimes stuff just comes up. one night we might randomly go to our parent's house for dinner, one night might have unexpected commitments that don't allow for meal prep- and all of a sudden, it's thursday and monday's chili and all the veggie fixens are bad. :(

i thought i'd give plated a try. it's a meal delivery service that sends all the ingredients for that night's meal- you just have to do the prep and cooking. it's relatively inexpensive and it feels sort of- fancy. fancy always makes me excited and that means there's a smaller likelihood that we will avoid making that meal. 

 also- i cook the same stuff all the time. plated gives me the choice of different meals to have delivered, some of which i would never have even thought of to make! it has added a bit of variety in our extremely boring lives (just kidding :).

tonight, i made the swordfish skewers and orzo. it's amazing. every bite is delicious, and less than the cost of a meal out. 

 when i opened the plated box, inside (for this dinner) was:
swordfish~ zucchini~ grape tomatoes~ basil (although i used the lime basil i bought at the farmer's market instead)~ orzo~ one lemon~ garlic~ skewer sticks~ honey (for the marinade).

i got the two thumbs up from tony! tonight's meal was a success (and super easy).

Friday, July 25, 2014

notes on travel: camping at lake richardson in tahoe.

tahoe is one of my favorite places on the planet. i never went to tahoe as a child, so all of my experiences there have been as an adult with tony by my side. it sort of feels like, our special place (we even honeymooned in tahoe!).

needless to say, we were very excited to plan a little family get away to one of our favorite spots. we had high expectations and looked forward to camping with just the four of us. it wasn't all that we thought it might be. easton was an absolute pill. he never let up. he acted like a different kid inside of my kid's body. maybe there was three or four stretches of 20 minutes or so of happiness- but that was about it. the rest of his wake time rotated between tantrums, freak-outs (usually over dirt in his shoe), whining, and defiance.

i def learned a few things about camping with children, and most of the trip actually went perfectly (except for the easton hurricane). here are a few tips from me to you about camping with TWO little ones.

1. be prepared:
we packed most everything the morning of. we got it all done (and in pretty good time) but i think that the scrambling around all morning put easton off, and contributed to his record breaking bad behavior. i get a little bit of travel anxiety, which i'm sure i've passed down to him. one thing that always keeps me calm before traveling is having all my t's crossed and i's dotted in advance.

2. bring more clothes than you think necessary:
 i got peed on twice. that's two outfits that became unusable for sailor and two outfits unusable for me. i needed just a bit more.

3. keep meals simple:
i cooked mac and cheese the first night with salad, and the second night;  trader joe's frozen asparagus risotto with sautéed veggies on the side. i didn't want to bother with things that needed a lot of cooking, or worse, lot's of condiments. we brought bread for pb and j's for lunch, cereal for breakfast, and fruit and berries to snack on.

4. bring a surprise toy/game:
 i brought a big puzzle for easton, which was a total surprise. i bought it the day we left and tucked it away until we arrived at our campsite. it was one of the only things that we were able to do as a family that didn't cause whining.

5. bring a pac n' play (even if the baby won't sleep in it):
 it was so helpful to be able to put sailor in a safe place for an extended period of time while i tended to easton, cooked dinner, set up, and broke down camp.

6. know when to throw in the towel:
in the middle of the night on night two sailor peed on me, himself, my sleeping bag, and sleep mat. while i was stripping down in the middle of the freezing tent, i said, "that it. i can't take anymore. we're going home tomorrow." we'll try the camping thing next month. everything can't be perfect the first, or even second time around. this was a great start, but it needed to end.

easton was napping, so tony was all smiles!

 (doesn't this picture look fake?? the background is so beautiful that it looks like a painting.)

camp richardson is right on the lake. we spent some time on the beach and rented a paddle boat to cruise around the lake. it was really fun, and one of the rare times that easton truly enjoyed himself. sailor even fell asleep in his little life vest as i was paddling.

there is a really delicious ice cream shop on the camp richardson property. there are lines outside of it at all time of day and night. i got the most amazing cherry vanilla ice cream ever. truly, it was the best ice cream i've had. (doesn't sailor-boy look jealous of my cone!?!?)

by the grace of God i brought a play hammer for easton. he "helped" tony hammer in the steaks while they set up the tent. that was pretty fun! he was really proud of himself.

we ended the trip with a stop at fairy land in sacramento. that was a really good idea. easton had a great time there, and it was really refreshing to see him play be excited after three days of discomfort. we will give the camping thing a try again next month!

Monday, July 21, 2014

mama to an eight month old.

eight month old sailor is quite a pill these days. sleeping has been nonexistent. it's not that i don't love cuddling with sailor-boy in the middle of the night, but four to six wakings in one night is just too much. other than that- things have been great. he's a sweet baby who loves to be with his mama. he cries the minute i put him down and wails when i walk away. he sweetly says "ma ma ma ma, mama" and curls his little lips to cry when easton ROARS at him. (i would too!)
i love watching sailor laugh at easton. it's probably one of my favorite things about having a second child. seeing his little eyes light up when easton plays with him- what a joy.

sailor is sitting up very well these days. he's trying quite hard to crawl, but no success yet. rice cereal is going a little better- although that's still all he's had. i'm going to try some avocado this month and maybe something like carrots or squash. any first food tips?? i made lots of delicious food for easton, but for some reason i can't seem to remember what i started with…

 it's really cool to sing both of our boys to sleep at night (at the same time!) and lay them down in adjacent cribs. they seem to like sleeping together. usually by the third waking, i'm too tired to do anything other than bring him into bed and nurse him in my sleep. the second half of the night rotates between him in my bed nursing and the bassinet that he barley fits in in our room.

one night, sailor was crying and we heard easton trying to calm him down from his crib, singing "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, sailor, you are my sunshine." that was BY FAR the sweetest moment of motherhood thus far. sailor finally drifted off to sleep, listening to his big brother croon.

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