Sunday, September 14, 2014

bay area family tourist day: pie ranch

we have so many amazing places to see in this bay area. we are so lucky. tony and i have tried to make an effort to do more, see more, and enjoy more of what our great bay has to offer. yesterday we took an impromptu trip to pie ranch. it's a teaching farm right off of highway 1 (really close to anõ neuvo). the farm has a daily market with fresh eggs, veggies, and fruit that it grows on site. it also serves up some amazing pie. we bought beets (two different types) and pie.

we explored the entire farm with easton and sailor. we fed cows and goats, said hello to the chickens, checked out the huge garden and greenhouse, and rang the dinner bell. we even got to see a snake and cat!

here are some photos from our time at pie ranch. i have to say- if you live in the area, you must visit. it's so beautiful, so friendly, and there are so many great little spots to explore. plus, the pie is absolutely to die for.

Friday, September 12, 2014

sleep procrastination.

i am one of those people who loves to stay up late. i love it. really, i do.

i remember when i was pregnant with easton- i felt this impending doom. like, soon, i would be so tired i wouldn't be able to stay up late, watching whatever show i wanted or reading a book into the wee morning hours. i was right! having babies makes you understand the need for sleep.

lately, tony and i have been having a little trouble getting up and out in the morning. we are feeling a little sluggish, a little frazzled, and really really sleepy. i attribute this morning daze to 'sleep procrastination.' we are staying up to watch 'one more' of our favorite tv shows. we are planting ourselves in front of the tv to marathon watch Parenthood, True Detective, Ray Donovan, and Masters of Sex. we just want one more hour of quiet time, without kids.

the problem is- that additional hour (or two) is really making us sleepy. my best instincts tell me to turn off the tv, disconnect from the computer, clean the kitchen, and get into bed by 9:30. the little kid in me crosses my arms, digs my heals in, (says, 'humph') and stays up anyway.

do you sleep procrastinate? my goal for next week is to be in bed at 9:30 every night. even if i'm reading in bed- i want to make an effort to start getting to sleep earlier.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

before a third baby…one big swim (at least)

a few months ago, i was on a hike by myself. i do my best thinking while hiking. my thoughts began to drift to the idea of a third baby. what would make me feel ready for a third baby? i couldn't quite get beyond the thought that IF i was ever going to have a third, there are a few things i want to accomplish. here is the list i came too:

-swim alcatraz
-hike kilimenjaro
-take at least one (maybe two) international trips
-finish paying for our (overpriced) jeep
-climb half dome in yosemite
-camp a little more
-lose the baby weight (i have 20 lbs. to go)
-grow our savings account

i may get all of these things accomplished before/if i have a third child, i might not. one thing i know is that if i never start- i'll never finish. so, i started work on my first goal. swimming from alcatraz to shore. i have always wanted to do this swim and we live so close to san francisco- it felt so…doable.

i've started training and i feel great. swimming is like first nature to me, it's my happy place. one thing that really helps me (with any challenging feat) is having a goal in mind. getting to shore seems like a pretty good goal, not getting eaten by sharks- another good one; but those didn't seem sufficient. i needed something more... emotional.

i decided to dedicate this swim to my dad- who loved to watch me swim. i have been donating money every month to an organization whose main mission is to provide funding to dementia and alzheimer's research.  that, i thought, was the perfect goal for my swim. i will try to raise money in my dad's honor to help fund research for the very disease that took his mind and his life.

losing my dad was the hardest and most devastating loss i have ever felt. watching him suffer for years, knowing himself, that his mind was slowing fading…it was so painful. i know that there is much work and much money to be raised, to one day eradicate dementia. but this is one small way that i can help the cause.

if you would be so willing, i could really use your support. below is the link to my fundraising page where anyone can donate ANY amount. thank you in advance! i'll let ya know how the swim goes!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

slowing down.

the past month has felt really really busy. when life gets busy, i get anxious. when i get anxious my serenity is a little…off. i have been reminded lately just how beautiful my life is. i know that all the 'fullness' of life can make me feel a bit unmanageable at times but i'm grateful for the fullness. a full life is what people strive for- it's how i know i'm on the right track.

sometimes life just has to be busy. we have work, daycare, preschool, workout regimens, commitments, friends, and family that all need a piece of our time. but that's not just it. other things take up time, too. like dishes. i hate dishes. cleaning up after myself and my family feels like a full time job sometimes.

when life starts feeling unmanageable, i have to remind myself of a couple of things. first off- if all i do all day long is love my children and husband, treat them with dignity and respect, i'm doing the right thing. if i get to work on time, do my job to the very best of my ability, i'm doing the right thing. if i love God, and trust that it's Him who has control of all those little pieces that i want to control so badly (but know in my heart that i can't), i'm doing the right thing.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference." amen.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


 easton started preschool last week. he was shy and timid but he warmed up and has been really enjoying his new school. he spoke about starting 'skuuuuule soon' for the entire summer. every time we passed a school bus he would ask, excitedly, if he was going to ride on a school bus to preschool. of course, he can't take a bus, but we are hoping to pull some strings to allow him a ride on a school bus very soon.

easton is such a sweet boy and his small Christian school seems to be such an amazing fit for him. thankfully, it is also a great fit for our schedule. i can't believe how hard it was to find a preschool that accepted early drop off and two full days a week. most of the preschools we toured were either half day programs or five full days a week. we were thrilled to find this preschool close to sailor and easton's daycare that is minutes away from tony's work. all is right in the world.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

mama to a nine month old.

sailor is nine months old. it feels a little sad, this birthday milestone. i'm not quite sure why, but i'm pretty sure it has something to do with the knowledge that he just may be, my last baby. nine months old really starts to mark the climb into toddlerhood. soon he'll be walking and chatting, and before i know it- he'll be telling me to give him some 'privacy in the bathroom, please.' (oh, easton.)

the last few days, i've been a little schmooopy about the whole thing. baby sailor is growing up. each month that passes offers new and exciting developments for him- all of which i love. i just want it to move a little slower. (don't we all)

nine months has had a lot of new developments. he is eating all sorts of cut up fruit, veggies, and legumes. he's really excited by food and can't wait to get his little paws on it. i have opted out of the baby food puree in lieu of fresh stuff that allows him to grab, chew, gum, and swallow. it's been going really well (he has two teeth on the lower gum and two coming in on the top). the baby still won't sleep through the night. so, i'm still brining him into bed at some point during the night and nursing/sleeping with him until morning. (which is working out just fine)

he is sitting up, rolling over, and sitting up again. he repeats this process quite quickly so he can get where he wants to go. it's pretty cute. sailor wants to crawl so badly, but he's just not quite there yet. any day now…

sailor and easton still giggle at each other incessantly. they are such a cute little pair and really have fun together. today easton was leaning on the foot rest of the stroller and sailor was grabbing his face and laughing so hard. my heart was in a pool on the ground. it literally melted.
i'm not quite sure why, but this picture (above) is one of my favorites of sailor. he just looks so flirty and unsuspecting. and a little bit like…"what? i didn't do anything wrong… i'm an angel" kinda-look. also- the hair is killing me. it's literally a MOP on top of his dome. hilarious.

Friday, August 8, 2014

small little home tour: living room

i did a small little home tour a while ago of my favorite little spots in my house. i thought i'd give you a bigger peak into our home, one room at a time. this is our living space, which is [tiny] and lovely. it's the perfect combination of homey and bohemian. it feels relaxing and comfortable (which is how a living room is supposed to feel).

1. a basket for all of sailor's baby blankets and carriers. 2. it's ok. a daily reminder. 3. we love our little blue couch (but could use a bigger couch for cuddling…one day) 4. we have a tiny record collection. 90% used to be my parent's. i love pulling out a record and seeing the neat way it was put away- knowing my dad was probably the last person to listen to that one… 5. homestead. 6. the plants are mine. the goldfish is easton's. 7. lovely little wall hanging. 8. tony's vintage eames chair. 8. a play space for easton. 9. we like to jam to records in the morning. 10. war is over. if you want it. 11. i'm a coffee table book collector. 12. black and whites of us.
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